2020 Outings

Wednesday 1st January: Alwinton Cruise
Grant, Fiona

Wednesday 1st January: New Year Punisher

Thursday 2nd January 2020: New Year Dash
Terry, Ray, Peter, Ian, Grant, Ian W

Thursday 9th January 2020: No Lucy but No Panic
Terry, Ray, Colin, Steve, Grant, Matt

Thursday 16th January 2020: To The Bog!!!
Terry, Steve W, Simon, Matt, Chris, Colin

Thursday 23rd January 2020: Tyne Tarmac Trekking
Terry, Steve W, Simon, Matt, Chris, Colin, Grant, Lucy, Adam, Deryck

Thursday 30th January 2020: Hiding from the Gales
Terry, Steve W, Simon, Colin, Grant, Ray

Thursday 6th February 2020: Delaval Dodgems
Terry, Lucy, Chris, Matt, Ray, Colin, Grant

Saturday 8th February 2020: Grant’s Yorkshire Birthday Bash
Grant, Ray, Paul, Simon, Deryck, Frank Auffret, Mark Greenshields, Terry
Two guests from Yorkshire – Mark and Frank – and we still got lost!

Thursday 13th February 2020: Get me home I’m cold
Terry, Lucy, Colin, Fiona, Matt
Poor Matthew – 2nd time in as many outings his toes were lost!

Thursday 20th February 2020: 2⁰ and windy again
Terry, Ray, Colin, Lucy, Simon
Another hotly paced scoot around the West.

Thursday 27th February 2020: Freezing and tiring.
Terry, Tim, Colin, Grant
Started off as normal wind avoidance route then Tim showed us some new stuff south of the Tyne – very enjoyable!

Thursday 5th March 2020: Gunning it with Grant
Grant, Chris, Tim, Simon, Colin, Ray, Deryck, Terry

Sunday 8th March 2020: Rothbury Tree Skimming
Steve S, John, Ian W, Ray

Thursday 12th March 2020: Wet ‘n Wild on the Riverside
Terry, Ray, Colin, Lucy


Thursday 9th July: We’re Back! Dinnington Dining
Grant, Terry, Lucy, Colin, Ian M, Mike +7?

Thursday 16th July: CO2 to the rescue/Holywell Hunting
Terry, Grant, Lawrence, Paul, Colin, Ian M, Al W, Mike, Steven, Alan G, Emily +2?

Thursday 23rd July: Plessey Pressured Playtime
Terry, Grant, Ian M, Ross, Mike, Colin, Lucy, Lawrence, Al, Grant, Steven, +6?

Sunday 26th July: Rothbury Round – FIRST SUNDAY CLUB RIDE BACK!
Paul, Alun, Claire, Simon, Colin D, Peter, Deryck, John, Andy B, Terry

Thursday 30th July: Dene Delving
Terry, Lucy, Mike, Ross, Ian A*, Sharon, Lawrence, Colin, Alan G, Ian M, John, Jon, Peter , Chris Do.

Thursday 6th August: Seaton Valley Stinger
Terry, Mike, Lucy, Colin, Chris Do, Al, Alan G, Steven, Grant, Ian M, Simon, Lawrence, Peter

Sunday 9th August: The Angel
Colin, Peter, Grant, Terry

Thursday 13th August: Hazlerigg Harriers
Terry, Lawrence, Lucy, Ian M, Alan G, Steven, Peter, Colin, Grant

Thursday 20th August: Seaton Delaval Seatpost Sinker
Terry, Ray, Chris Do, Lawrence, Emily, Ian M, Alan G, Steven, Mike, Ross, Peter, Colin, Grant +2??

Thursday 27th August: Sub-Aqua Bushwhacker
Terry, Lawrence, Ian M, Colin, Adam

with regular Thursday nighters suitably distanced and groups of approximately six. And as luck would have it, barely a drop of precipitation on any of them, even after the odd day of heavy downpours!
As I scrawl this latest jotting there is only one regular still to convert to tubeless, that poor misguided soul being young Chris D., the Kona pilot, who suffered his first deflation yesterday (29th October) just a fortninght after Lawrence A. succumbed to the same fate, now fortunately corrected (actually, when I think about it, I vaguely recall our Simon J. still runs rubber sausages too!).
Stay safe folks.