2020 Outings

Wednesday 1st January: Alwinton Cruise
Grant, Fiona

Wednesday 1st January: New Year Punisher

Thursday 2nd January 2020: New Year Dash
Terry, Ray, Peter, Ian, Grant, Ian W

Thursday 9th January 2020: No Lucy but No Panic
Terry, Ray, Colin, Steve, Grant, Matt

Thursday 16th January 2020: To The Bog!!!
Terry, Steve W, Simon, Matt, Chris, Colin

Thursday 23rd January 2020: Tyne Tarmac Trekking
Terry, Steve W, Simon, Matt, Chris, Colin, Grant, Lucy, Adam, Deryck

Thursday 30th January 2020: Hiding from the Gales
Terry, Steve W, Simon, Colin, Grant, Ray

Thursday 6th February 2020: Delaval Dodgems
Terry, Lucy, Chris, Matt, Ray, Colin, Grant

Saturday 8th February 2020: Grant’s Yorkshire Birthday Bash
Grant, Ray, Paul, Simon, Deryck, Frank Auffret, Mark Greenshields, Terry
Two guests from Yorkshire – Mark and Frank – and we still got lost!

Thursday 13th February 2020: Get me home I’m cold
Terry, Lucy, Colin, Fiona, Matt
Poor Matthew – 2nd time in as many outings his toes were lost!

Thursday 20th February 2020: 2⁰ and windy again
Terry, Ray, Colin, Lucy, Simon
Another hotly paced scoot around the West.

Thursday 27th February 2020: Freezing and tiring.
Terry, Tim, Colin, Grant
Started off as normal wind avoidance route then Tim showed us some new stuff south of the Tyne – very enjoyable!

Thursday 5th March 2020: Gunning it with Grant
Grant, Chris, Tim, Simon, Colin, Ray, Deryck, Terry

Sunday 8th March 2020: Rothbury Tree Skimming
Steve S, John, Ian W, Ray

Thursday 12th March 2020: Wet ‘n Wild on the Riverside
Terry, Ray, Colin, Lucy


Thursday 9th July: We’re Back! Dinnington Dining
Grant, Terry, Lucy, Colin, Ian M, Mike +7?

Thursday 16th July: CO2 to the rescue/Holywell Hunting
Terry, Grant, Lawrence, Paul, Colin, Ian M, Al W, Mike, Steven, Alan G, Emily +2?

Thursday 23rd July: Plessey Pressured Playtime
Terry, Grant, Ian M, Ross, Mike, Colin, Lucy, Lawrence, Al, Grant, Steven, +6?

Sunday 26th July: Rothbury Round – FIRST SUNDAY CLUB RIDE BACK!
Paul, Alun, Claire, Simon, Colin D, Peter, Deryck, John, Andy B, Terry

Thursday 30th July: Dene Delving
Terry, Lucy, Mike, Ross, Ian A*, Sharon, Lawrence, Colin, Alan G, Ian M, John, Jon, Peter , Chris Do.

Thursday 6th August: Seaton Valley Stinger
Terry, Mike, Lucy, Colin, Chris Do, Al, Alan G, Steven, Grant, Ian M, Simon, Lawrence, Peter

Sunday 9th August: The Angel
Colin, Peter, Grant, Terry

Thursday 13th August: Hazlerigg Harriers
Terry, Lawrence, Lucy, Ian M, Alan G, Steven, Peter, Colin, Grant

Thursday 20th August: Seaton Delaval Seatpost Sinker
Terry, Ray, Chris Do, Lawrence, Emily, Ian M, Alan G, Steven, Mike, Ross, Peter, Colin, Grant +2??

Thursday 27th August: Sub-Aqua Bushwhacker
Terry, Lawrence, Ian M, Colin, Adam